About Open Labor


To increase participation in unions throughout the country and improve workers' benefits in accountability, wages, hours, and working conditions.


Working with political parties in an unbiased way. First to work with Republicans to find common ground that would lead to their support of unions as unions return to more traditional policies with a foundation of:

  1. America first. Bring manufacturing and energy back to the USA.
  2. Strengthen the middle class. Corporate lobbying benefits the elite to such an exponential level that the rest receive limited representation from the government unless we use the force of our numbers to organize around principles that benefit the middle class instead of the ideology of grievance that divides us.
  3. Provide upward mobility for the lower class through easy entry to the workforce with job-specific training that creates upwardly mobile opportunities. This should apply to trades, private business, education, and the public sector. Higher education needs to become streamlined and more competitive and the best way to do that is to keep them desperate to attract students because of the competitive opportunities of early entry into potential careers from trades and businesses.
  4. Support American citizens first by asking for a strong border so entry-level jobs are filled by American citizens. Traditional union belief is that wages are driven down by illegal immigrants. Active recruitment for workers should be coming from marginalized Americans before marginalized noncitizens. Visa programs are a great way to attract vetted non-Americans.
  5. Restoring the reputation of union workers by having practical accountability that serves to protect the jobs of good employees and gives a measured and just system of helping employees that are struggling and removing bad employees. Union members should be the example of work ethic, not the joke of it.
  6. Calling out political corruption in all its forms from a foundational perspective of the constitution. No politician or executive board member is above being held accountable.
  7. Pushing for accurate reporting of current and past events. Holding journalists and media accountable. No union member should ever be the victim of irresponsible and malevolent journalism. Likewise, no union member should participate in spreading messages of unverified journalism.
  8. Wages, hours, working conditions, and accountability should be negotiated with integrity. Striking is an outdated method of gaining leverage. The benefits to those negotiating exceed the benefits gained by employees in most cases. Striking should be used as a last resort in extreme cases.
  9. Unions should strive to spread the self-insured healthcare model to empower individuals to be more self-reliant with their healthcare.
  10. Safe working environments and safe cities rely on law and order. Any efforts to erode law and order, regardless of intent, always cause a negative impact on poor and inner-city communities.

Second: Work with Democrats to reverse their coordinated efforts to become the party of big business and big pharma that is telling union members to leave their union for tech jobs and learn to code.

This will be accomplished along two different tracks:

One: Working within the union to encourage conservative members to become more active in their union. We will teach the rules and laws of the union. We will ensure conservatives are active in running for positions and exerting their influence in newly proposed language at the AFL-CIO level as well as the local union level. By using the process in place we will build a balance of influence between political ideologies.

Two: Working to endorse politicians and bills that will benefit a more holistic approach to the worker. America-first politicians need to be prioritized. Politicians that are endorsed will be held accountable for living up to America-first standards or they will get primaried. There is no need for entrenched politicians.


Fire Service: having a restorative training program in place equips supervisors with a tool to deal with issues as they come up in the hope of preventing them from turning into serious issues down the road.

To avoid targeting harassment from supervisors, employees should have the option to perform evaluations for a third-party training division. Continuing problems should be met with training, change of scenery, time off with pay to focus on treatment, return to work program, and final training before termination.

Teachers: Make entry-level teaching positions at lower levels available with a one-year teaching certificate. Incentivize promotion through education and experience from apprentice to master. Have specialty positions like mentors that are awarded with pay after promotion in a competitive environment. Evaluate teachers on student performance beyond standardized testing criteria. Give teachers opportunities to be evaluated by peers and mentors before corrective instruction. Equip supervisors with methods to remove teachers that do not meet standards.

The Problem

Conservative Republicans hate unions because unions have a historically biased allegiance to the Democrat party, they protect employees in spite of poor performance, and they have a history of corruption at the executive level. The allegiance creates enmity between most union members and conservatives. Because unions always work to get Democrats elected, Republicans get frustrated and devote some of their time to crippling unions. This results in missed opportunities to gain leverage over pitting one party against another in an effort to improve accountability, wages, hours, and working conditions. It’s made worse by modern Democrats actively killing union jobs with the exception of teachers' unions. Democrats are fiercely loyal to the teachers union as it is a major propaganda arm of their party and converts young people to the Democrat ideology.

The Solution

Unions need to adopt a more conservative mindset when crafting advocacy. This will show conservatives that unions can be flexible in creating solutions agreeable to republican politicians. Unions will then reach out to court republican politicians that will be willing to champion union agendas. This will show that Democrats will not get our support without delivering on promises. The result will be two parties working to earn our support.