Breaking the Stereotype: Meet Scott Edwards, a Conservative Union Member

Breaking the Stereotype: Meet Scott Edwards, a Conservative Union Member

In today's political climate, it's not uncommon to assume that union members are automatically Democrats. However, there are also many union members who identify as conservatives and support Republican candidates.

One such union member is Scott Edwards, a firefighter and active member of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Scott may not fit the typical stereotype of a conservative, but he strongly believes in the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and free market capitalism. Scott has seen the rise of the partnership between big business, big tech, corporate media, the intellectual elite and government that have all aligned to control markets instead of allowing the markets to dictate results. Scott also believes in the power of unions to be a check against these organizations as long as unions are willing to remain independent from any partisan allegiance.  

Scott believes that the Republican party is better equipped to handle the economy and create jobs. He also agrees with the party's stance on lower taxes, as he feels it allows for more money to be put back into the hands of hardworking Americans like himself. Republicans have maintained a more predictable inflation rate allowing for a more predictable valuation on income and wealth. Scott also values the populist Republican shift away from excessive foreign intervention while maintaining a strong national defense against all forms of foreign attacks including cyber attacks and the Fentanyl crisis.

Unions have seen a dramatic reduction in participation over the last forty years. Blame can be thrown in many directions for this but the bottom line is that unions have brought nothing new to the table since their inception. Scott would like to see that change "If we could bring the lessons we've learned about healthcare to the marketplace we could make a huge impact on the cost of quality healthcare and point this country in a positive direction!" This is one of Scott's many calls to action. The Vancouver fire department is a largely self insured work force. Their health and welfare trust has been increasing benefits and reducing costs over the last ten years during a time when most healthcare has become more expensive with reduced benefits. Scott also commented on mainstream liberal solutions to healthcare "You hear them asking for an expansion to Medicare and Medicaid over and over when the cost to maintain those programs is so expensive. Their language should be to ask for quality healthcare. There are healthcare co-ops popping up all over that have affordable memberships and keep big pharma and big insurance out or the equation."

It's important to remember that political affiliation is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Just as there are conservative union members like Scott, there are also progressive Republicans like Eisenhower and moderate Democrats like Gabbard. It's important to look at the individual beliefs and values of each person, rather than making assumptions based on party or profession.

Scott's story shows that it is not impossible to be a conservative union member, and that political beliefs are not limited by profession. It's worth checking in with the members of your union or group. Union executives have a charge to serve their membership and not the other way around. How can that happen unless the body is counted and heard. It's also important to remember that each person's political beliefs are unique, and that it's important to engage in respectful dialogue with people who have different views.